Frequently Asked Questions

Genuinely some extraordinary real questions, mixed in with my playful and serious made up FAQ’s!

Opening and Closing Hours

Why are you closed Monday and Tuesday?

We are reopening after lockdown to a very different business, we need to make sure we survive past this year and so have had to reduce staffing and hence hours.

Why do we ring a bell 15 minutes before closing?

This is to help with close down, so that the staff can leave on time, and to help the business by not having extra overtime to pay. It is just a gentle reminder and another play on the school theme.

Table bookings

Why are you bookings only?

Walk-ins are also accepted, however bookings do help. This is to help us in multiple ways. Staffing can be planned around the next days bookings. Produce and kitchen prep can also be tailored to the days bookings, reducing food costs.

Why can’t we book on the day?

We need emails at least the day before to guarantee a table, we are understandably unable to check emails on the day and during service. We don’t employ a receptionist and we are working so don’t check the emails. But hopefully we can accept you as a walk-in if you turn up.

But I can see empty tables?

The table might be ready for the next booking.

But yes, unfortunately there will be occasions where you’ll see empty tables. This may be because we are quiet, but we will have less staff and stock so this is manageable for the business at the beginning of reopening.

Food & Drink

Why do you cut breakfast off at 12 noon?

This is to help the kitchen. Our kitchen is very small and with 3 people, plus ingredients, prep space etc. We have to manage the flow of service by having certain restrictions. By putting away ingredients and using less pan space for example, helps speed up the lunch service. Theres a capacity of dishes any kitchen can produce, even yours at home!

Why don’t you serve large coffee?

The reason is that it’s designed to a recipe and ratio. Unfortunately people have gotten used to bucket sizes, go large, grande drinks. These aren’t how coffee should be served. Speciality coffee is about flavour. You wouldn’t dilute your squash with double the amount of water, it would be weak, same for our coffee. And thankfully over a hundred thousand cups later you also agreed!

Why don’t you serve teacakes and cream teas?

This is just a choice of ours, we can’t serve everything but you can get as close as possible with our homemade scones and teas.

Cash handling and payments

Do you accept cash?

Yes we will be accepting cash after lockdown. We ask for contactless payments if at all possible. But cash can be taken in a safe way, but please bear in mind other factors like we may be short on change or not have the exact amount.

Do you accept Scottish and Irish notes?

Unfortunately not. It was a difficult business decision to make. But we hope you can understand it’s not about discrimination, it’s about the reality of fraud and also having taken fake notes before unwittingly.

We also don’t accept £50 notes.

Do tips go to the staff?

Yes all of our card and cash tips get distributed fairly between all staff.

Do you offer vouchers?

Yes, we can sell vouchers of any amount for yourself or as a gift.

What do they say about Children and Dogs…

Do you allow children?

Yes of course, we are primarily a day time restaurant but children are welcome, we have high chairs and booster seats available.

Do you allow dogs?

We do, but as with children, they need to be small, well behaved, sit nicely, not bark and most importantly not pee on the floor!

My kid can climb on the furniture and windows, right? (genuine!)

Umm, no sorry, we’re in a listed building with delicate old windows. The cills are not for walking on. And the chairs damage easily, so no kneeling on the seats.

Do you have a kids menu?

Yes, we should have given you one as you sat down, but please ask if you need one. Also available online.

Why can’t I eat off the kids menu, I’m only 56? (genuine!)

The menu is designed to be cheaper as portions are smaller, but at the same time subsidised whilst still providing home-cooked fresh food for little ones. Up to age 14 years only.

Why are there no chalks on the tables?

At the moment after lockdown and to help with sanitation for Covid-19, we have made the decision to not give chalks for the time being.

Can I have a pen and paper?

Unfortunately for the same reasons as the chalks, not at the moment due to Covid-19 sanitation measures.

General restaurant questions

Is the flooring from an old gym?

You could say that, but it’s a bit more special than a gym. I reclaimed a section of flooring from the London Olympic 2012 CopperBox Arena. Feeling sporty yet?!

Where did you source all the fixtures and fittings?

Various places ~ Chairs are old French school chairs lovingly restored by my mum and Ruth! ~ Tables and counters are old science tables from a school in Felixstowe ~ Gym Horses are from an old school in Exeter.

Your ceilings are low, not very good for anyone over 6ft. (genuine)

Sorry about that, I’ll tell the people that build the building around 400 years ago they should have thought about that.

Why can’t I sit on a bigger table?

Even before lockdown we needed to manage our small space so we got as many people enjoying our food as possible. So 2 people sitting for a coffee on a table of 4 can work when we are quiet but not when busy.

Can I use the plugs?

The plugs are use at your own risk. We are not liable for any damage. We also don’t want damage to our electrics when critical equipment runs on the same power.

Laptop & Internet policy

Our policy is that you can use our free internet for reasonable use and at reasonable times.

We are not an internet cafe, we are a restaurant so have to avoid people sitting for hours with 1 drink. The business depends on customers regularly eating and drinking. See terms when logging in.

Events and Private Hire

Can I hire the whole restaurant?

Yes, we have held many events, from baby showers to weddings. Contact for enquiries.

Do you take deposits for Supper Clubs?

Yes, we take £10 per person, we have do to secure the table and manage our bookings. For a small business no shows are extremely detrimental. Please see full terms and conditions when booking. 

Tuck Shop Sales

Do you sell your coffee for home use?

Yes, we sell our house blend, a Honduras San Antonio, from our coffee roaster Crude in Bury St Edmunds. We can sell it in whole beans or ground to use in any home equipment you have.

Do you sell Food Hampers and ready meals?

Yes, we will be hoping to continue this after lockdown.