Quiz A

Please write your answers on your answer sheet provided

The questions below are to be asked to the other team (hence why there is the answers afterwards) then they will ask you questions from their quiz.

We suggest taking it in turns round by round. So Round 1 ask your questions for the other team to answer on their sheet, then they will ask you their Round 1 questions for you to write down on your answer sheet.

It is up to you if you mark at the end or after each round.

You will also come across a picture round. This is for you to answer yourself. The answers for the other teams Picture round will be below yours (hence why they do not look correct!)

The bonus music round is at the bottom if you have time (if not reduce total scores by 5) Play each Intro in turn for the other team to guess and write on their answer sheet.


Round 1 – TV and Movie

Q 1. In which fictional town is the show Stranger things primarily set?

Hawkins, Indiana

Q 2. What’s the name of the man on Gogglebox who calls his wife Nutty


Q 3. Name the former reality star who presents the revamped Supermarket Sweep?

Rylan Clarke

Q 4. Which character said ‘Roads… we don’t need roads’ in this classic 80’s film?

Dr Emmett Brown (Doc)

Q 5. University Challenge host Jeremy Paxman was the main presenter of which program for 25 years?


Round 2 – Sport

Q 6. Which boxer was known as the ‘Louisville Lip’?

Muhammed Ali

Q 7. Which jockey earned his first Derby win aged 36 aboard Authorized in 2007?

Frankie Dettori

Q 8. Which London 2012 Olympic venue is Sip & Tuck’s floor from?

The Copper Box

Q 9. Movie star Jason Statham competed in which 1990 Commonwealth sport?


Q 10. How long is an Olympic swimming pool in meters?


Round 3 Picture round

Identify these 6 images and write them on your answer sheet (this round is for you to answer)

Click to enlarge

Below are the answers to the other teams Picture round

Picture 1: Steve Jobs

Picture 2: George Best

Picture 3: Ed Sheeran

Picture 4: Dr Evil

Picture 5: Dr Hannibal Lecter

Picture 6: Dr Dolittle

Round 4 – Geography

Q 11. What is the common name of the highly classified Air Force Facility in Nevada USA?

Area 51

Q 12. In which country is there an annual ‘Thieves Fair’ where people are encouraged to try to steal things from the stalls?


Q 13. Leodis was the Roman name for which modern UK city?


Q 14. Name the bizarre site made up of 40,000 hexagonal shaped basalt columns on Northern Irelands coast?

Giants Causeway

Q 15. Which River flows through Paris?

River Seine

Round 5 – General Knowledge

Q 16. What would you commonly use Ethylene Glycol in a car for?


Q 17. What does the Beaufort scale measure?

The strength of the wind

Q 18. Which planet did Superman come from?


Q 19. The name of what dye (or colour) means ‘the indian’ or ‘from india’?


Q 20. Which is the most easterly UK town?


Q 21. What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France?


Q 22. What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark?


Q 23. Most recently what did Sip & Tuck use to be?

Visitors Information Centre

Bonus Music Round

Play the Intros in turn to the other team (don’t read out the answers!)

Intro 1 – Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Intro 2 – C’est La Vie – B*Witched

Intro 3 – The Final Countdown – Europe

Intro 4 – Mama Do The Hump – Rizzle Kicks

Intro 5 – Apache (jump on it) – The Sugarhill Gang

That is the end of the mini Quiz!
Thank you so much for all your support and we hope you enjoyed your evening.
Sip & Tuck