Quiz B

Please write your answers on your answer sheet provided

The questions below are to be asked to the other team (hence why there is the answers afterwards) then they will ask you questions from their quiz.

We suggest taking it in turns round by round. So Round 1 ask your questions for the other team to answer on their sheet, then they will ask you their Round 1 questions for you to write down on your answer sheet.

It is up to you if you mark at the end or after each round.

You will also come across a picture round. This is for you to answer yourself. The answers for the other teams Picture round will be below yours (hence why they do not look correct!)

The bonus music round is at the bottom if you have time (if not reduce total scores by 5) Play each Intro in turn for the other team to guess and write on their answer sheet.


Round 1 – TV and Movie

Q 1. What is the name of the creator of Black Mirror?

Charlie Brooker

Q 2. What year was Netflix founded?


Q 3. Which 90’s Tv show features characters with the name Zack, Kelly, Lisa and Jessie?

Saved by the Bell

Q 4. The expression ‘Well Jel’ was made famous after its regular use on which TV show?

The only way is Essex (TOWIE)

Q 5. What was the name of Hyacinths’ son in Keeping up Appearances, who only calls when he needs money?


Round 2 – Sport

Q 6. In motor racing, what colour flag requires drivers to slow down due to a hazard on the track?


Q 7. How many World titles has Phil Taylor won in darts?


Q 8. In the game of snooker, what colour ball would you get 7 points if you pot?


Q 9. Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?

Los Angeles

Q 10. Which horse won the Virtual Grand National 2020?

Potters Corner

Round 3 Picture round

Identify these 6 images and write them on your answer sheet (this round is for you to answer)

Click to enlarge

Below are the answers to the other teams Picture round

Picture 1: Colin Kaepernick

Picture 2: Princess Leia

Picture 3: Donald Trump

Picture 4: Doctor House

Picture 5: Dr Seuss

Picture 6: Dr Dre

Round 4 – Geography

Q 11. Where would you find nine hundred monumental statues called Mo’ai?

Easter Island

Q 12. In which country is it illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm if you live in a flat?


Q 13. In which country is the UK’s highest mountain?


Q 14. What is the highest active Volcano in Europe?

Mount Etna

Q 15. Which South American country has land borders with ten other countries?


Round 5 – General Knowledge

Q 16. What colour is the zero on a roulette wheel?


Q 17. The Letters ‘O’ and ‘E’ share the same colour in the Google logo, what is it?


Q 18. The Fiskars brand of scissors are best known by what colour handles?


Q 19. What is the cross between a Donkey and a Zebra known as?


Q 20. If you are discombobulated, what are you?


Q 21. What type of animal is a Booby?

Sea bird

Q 22. Which long-distance train had its first run in 1883?

The Orient Express

Q 23. It was our 3 Year Anniversary yesterday (Friday) what day did we open on?


Bonus Music Round

Play the Intros in turn to the other team (don’t read out the answers!)

Intro 1 – Candy – Robbie Williams

Intro 2 – Who do you think you are? – Spice Girls

Intro 3 – Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre

Intro 4 – Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters

Intro 5 – Walk like an Egyptian – The Bangles

That is the end of the mini Quiz!
Thank you so much for all your support and we hope you enjoyed your evening.
Sip & Tuck